Iain Gulland, ZWS with the opening presentation
9 May 2017
By: Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

This year the LARAC Scotland event took on a different feel as a more expansive exhibition area was added to support and compliment the conference programme.

25 April 2017
By: Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

The surprise announcement of a general election means that our industry is likely to go into overdrive in the next few weeks, calling on Governments, prospective Governments and all politicians in general to listen to what they have to say about waste, recycling and resource management.

Sai-Pac Sphere laminated recycling bags
12 April 2017
By: Sanjay Prabhakar, Managing Director, Sai-Pac - a LARAC Partner

We had local authority services specifically in mind when we developed our laminated recycling bags – made of 100% recyclable and recycled material – these sacks are ideal for servicing flats and apartments - they are being used by local authorities, e

The VIP team with Petter Arntzen and Joachim Martinsen from Norway
11 April 2017
By: Mark Harvey, VIP Bin Cleaning (LARAC Partner)


7 million coffee cups are thrown away each year in the UK
3 April 2017
By: Rebecca Dove, Hubbub (A LARAC Partner)

Coffee. It's the fuel of the nation. We throw away 7 million coffee cups a day and less than 1% get recycled.

16 March 2017
By: Paul Taylor, FCC Environment

When British voters opted to leave the European Union last summer, it did not automatically signal the country’s exit. That is the job of the much-talked about Article 50, a piece of legislation that, once triggered, will enable Britain’s complex negotiations on exiting the EU to begin.

Post Brexit view from FCC
6 February 2017
By: Kristian Dales, FCC Environment

Following the momentous decision to leave the EU last year, there has, unsurprisngly, been much unease amongst the business community about what our renewed relationship with Europe will look like.

Andrew Bird, LARAC Chair
31 January 2017
By: Andrew Bird, LARAC Chair

When things get tough we tend to become innovative. During the last three months, I’ve been witness to a lot of ‘new thinking’, and met a lot of new people taking the lead in our industry and they are keen to get the LARAC perspective, which is very encouraging.

CIWM Training ticks all the boxes
19 January 2017
By: Claire Poole, Education and Training Manager, CIWM

We all know the saying ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got’ and it’s no different with developing your professional knowledge and skill set.

12 January 2017
By: Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

As has been shown already with the recent Green Alliance report consistency is likely to be a buzzword of 2017. Most people might think that Producer Responsibility will be ‘the thing’ but in a way, I find consistency the more interesting and challenging subject.