Policy positions

LARAC's primary role is to provide an information and networking service and develop and disseminate good practice among our members. However, we are also advocates - making the voice of waste practitioners heard and ensuring that our views are taken into account when decisions are taken, regulations made and laws passed by Government.

This role has become more important as the rate of environmental policy making and change has increased and Europe has gained prominence. The role of Government in supporting local authorities has also weakened and become less clear following Defra’s announcement in 2014 that it would be stepping back on its waste policy work.

Common and understood positions on matters of waste policy are therefore needed to ensure that our message continues to be consistent, environmentally sound and representative of our membership.

The string of statements will continue to be refreshed and developed as our legislative and technical world evolves. I hope members will feel free to continue to contribute insights, knowledge and suggestions towards this process.

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